About Us

Launched in 2014, COCO COCKTAIL is the Original Spiked Coconut Water ready-to-drink cocktail and to this day remains the ONLY alcoholic beverage to meet the US FDA requirements to claim an “Excellent Source of Vitamins”.  In addition to being loaded with essential vitamins and electrolytes, COCO COCKTAIL tastes amazing.  Proud winner of the Innovation Medal at the 2024 SIP AWARDS, the largest consumer judged alcohol tasting competition and winner of Double Gold and Gold medals for each of the COCO COCKTAIL individual flavors.  Made with premium natural ingredients, COCO COCKTAIL is crafted to be the first and only truly “Better For You” adult beverage.  You deserve the best taste and most benefits with every sip and that’s what COCO COCKTAIL delivers.  Let us be the first to Welcome You to the FUTURE of ALCOHOL!